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'If you want the wow factor from your customers, then look no further - spectacular and very popular at our wedding functions.'

Kelly Jobling, Stanton St Quinton Hotel, Chippenham


'Our new roaster has given us a valuable extra income to our business, with the hiring out of the unit and the sale of our products to be cooked on it, it is proving to be a real success'

Andrew Butler, Owner, Family Butcher, Fairford




The double-rack system allows you to roast half a pig, or two lambs, chickens, joints, baked potatoes, or any mix you may require for the smaller event, or varied choices that your clients may require.

A stuffing rack sits over the roasting pig and accommodates a full gastrom tray. The heated four lamp gantry provides a professional look to your service.

heating with gantryWith the roaster top and by putting in four gastrom trays, you can use the roaster as a warmer for currys, chillis and for keeping food up to temperature.

frontserver A front serving shelf is
to help when serving from
the roaster and there is a useful side attachment to fit a gastrom tray for carving or utensils.

lowertrayA lower storage shelf can be fitted under the roaster
to help if space is
an issue.

If you want to offer a barbecue, you could consider fitting a second burner to the roaster with a stainless steel griddle area (4mm thick x over 1000mm). This will barbecue up to 30 6oz burgers at one time. Food can be kept hot in the warmer at the end of the griddle.